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0001310bareos-coreGeneralpublic2021-01-19 02:43
ReporterRuth Ivimey-Cook Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformamd64OSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu 20.04
Product Version19.2.9 
Summary0001310: Make File output able to delete jobs from random access devices.
Description[I might have missed a recent change, but I think this is still the case]

When I started using bacula (pre bareos) I was using the vchanger script and removable hard drives. I eventually gave up with this as a solution because bacula/bareos didn't really know how to work with them as random access devices; they were always treated as weird tapes. In particular, there was no possibility of deleting a volume and thus freeing space on a disk.

I asked around about this and people suggested using the File output directly, perhaps with another changer script. Sadly, to make it work better the script needed control over the actual flow of data, and it had none. One option is in a File setup, bareos would not be concerned about volumes at all, (or perhaps, (or just one massive one), and only manipulate Jobs and devices.

My ideas on this are admittedly a bit wooly, but with bareos moving into cloud and other media, I feel there is a need to rework some of the assumptions inherited from tapes.
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