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0001302bareos-corevmware pluginpublic2023-08-22 15:29
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version20.0.0 
Summary0001302: Problem in ovirt-plugin
DescriptionIn bareos 20, the ovirt plugin fails when running more than one job at once.
When finishing one image backup job, bareos stops all images jobs and worst, put information of one job into other!
This bug is very bad! and It's a huge regression.

Best Regards,
Fernando Gomes
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2023-08-22 15:29

manager   ~0005333

As seen in support
RedHat already announced last year the EOL of their product RedHat Virtualization (mid 2024).
They also drop a lot of contribution in ovirt. This puts the project in a delicate situation (also moving from CentOS to something else).

The crash you are experiencing is probably related to Python module single phase initialization.
We finally tracked this down to pycurl being the problem, not necessarily the oVirt XML module.
It's sufficient to simply add import pycurl to any Python plugin without even using it to reproduce the segfault.

Multi-phase initialization is defined in PEP 489, see also this article

Bareos will not itself invest effort to either fix upstream pycurl nor ovirt component.

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