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0001299bareos-core[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-01-18 10:51
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PlatformLinuxOSRHELOS Version7
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Summary0001299: Manual deleting or recycle old volumes tapes
DescriptionDear people,

We also use bareos version 15 and reconfigured retention period to lower days.
Is there a way to delete or recycle old volumes wit a command? If so, how?

With kind regards from,

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2021-01-08 07:56

reporter   ~0004076

Also I found out an other problem: When in Bareos GUI shows expired volume, the volume is not been removed from the hard dirk partition such as /var/backup/bareos.
How can I configure bareos to remove old tapes from /var/backup/bareos that is consistend with the retention period?


2021-01-15 10:38

reporter   ~0004080

No way. Only manual
Its a feature request or make own script


2021-01-15 12:11

reporter   ~0004081

To bad too hear that is not possible to remove the tapes that has been expired from harddisk with bareos.
Where can I send feature rquest to make this possible?


2021-01-15 14:41

reporter   ~0004082

Maybe this ist a ticket for feature requests:
Btw. you can make here in mantis a feaure request.


2021-01-15 16:19

reporter   ~0004084

Thx for the input, you can close this ticket.


2021-01-15 16:22

reporter   ~0004085

can you also close 0001279?

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