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0001297bareos-coredirectorpublic2021-01-04 13:41
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Product Version19.2.9 
Summary0001297: Backup Catalog prints tons of "Cannot create directory" lines
DescriptionThis affects only Catalog backup jobs. All other backup jobs do not show this. Also while starting up the director log files show similar lines like these:

04-Jan 05:05 server-dir JobId 13: shell command: run BeforeJob "/usr/libexec/bareos/ MyCatalog"
04-Jan 05:05 server-dir JobId 13: BeforeJob: profiling:/var/tmp/portage/app-backup:Cannot create directory
04-Jan 05:05 server-dir JobId 13: BeforeJob: profiling:/var/tmp/portage/app-backup/bareos-19.2.9/work/bareos-19.2.9_build/src/cats/CMakeFiles/bareoscats-postgresql.dir/
04-Jan 05:05 server-dir JobId 13: BeforeJob: profiling:/var/tmp/portage/app-backup:Cannot create directory

These lines repeat like 100 or more times before and after the job print out. The directory mentioned there is the build directory used by GenToo when Bareos is compiled for the system before installing it. Hence it is a temporary directory with "root" rights existing only while Bareos is emerged to the system.

The question is why Bareos tries to create directories in the former build directory?

I've qualified this problem as minor/low since these lines do not seem to break the normal operation of Bareos but it is a pain to have in your daily system notification mails hundred of lines to weed through until you find the job print out.
Steps To ReproduceBare installation with only names adjusted to not be localhost.
bareos-master: impact
bareos-master: action
bareos-19.2: impact
bareos-19.2: action
bareos-18.2: impact
bareos-18.2: action
bareos-17.2: impact
bareos-17.2: action
bareos-16.2: impact
bareos-16.2: action
bareos-15.2: impact
bareos-15.2: action
bareos-14.2: impact
bareos-14.2: action
bareos-13.2: impact
bareos-13.2: action
bareos-12.4: impact
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