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0001258bareos-coredirectorpublic2023-08-23 10:47
ReporterInt Assigned Tobruno-at-bareos  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version19.2.7 
Summary0001258: release command not allowed in runscript makes admin job "ReleaseAllTapeDrives.conf" unusable
DescriptionIn Chapter "Tape Drive Cleaning" : conf#tape-drive-cleaning
in Bareos documentation an admin job "ReleaseAllTapeDrives.conf" is given to release tapes if the tape libraries auto-cleaning won’t work when there are tapes in the drives.
But this job fails with error:
"Can't use release command in a runscript : release: is an invalid command."

It seems that at some point running release was forbidden, but this makes the example in Chapter "Tape Drive Cleaning" useless.
Please update the documentation with how to achieve tape release with currently allowed commands (or allow release command in a runscript again).
Steps To ReproduceImplement admin job "ReleaseAllTapeDrives.conf" as described in Bareos documentation Chapter "Tape Drive Cleaning": conf#tape-drive-cleaning
Additional InformationThis issue exists at least since version 17.2 - I am bringing this back to your attention by cloning the original issue.
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2020-07-06 09:36

reporter   ~0004021

Will this issue be fixed in bareos-18.2 release?


2020-07-06 09:36

reporter   ~0004022

I have the same issue, log files says:

/var/log/bareos/bareos.log- Volume Session Id: 144
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log- Volume Session Time: 1539591089
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log- Last Volume Bytes: 8,889,862,675,324 (8.889 TB)
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log- Termination: Backup OK
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log:19-Oct 09:03 bareos-dir JobId 4037: console command: run BeforeJob "release storage=QuantumSL3 alldrives"
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log:19-Oct 09:03 bareos-dir JobId 0: Can't use release command in a runscript19-Oct 09:03 bareos-dir JobId 0: release: is an invalid command.
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log-19-Oct 09:03 bareos-dir JobId 4037: Error: BAREOS 16.2.7 (09Oct17): 19-Oct-2018 09:03:15
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log- JobId: 4037
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log- Job: ReleaseAllTapeDrives.2018-10-19_09.03.12_00
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log- Scheduled time: 19-Oct-2018 09:03:09
/var/log/bareos/bareos.log- Start time: 19-Oct-2018 09:03:15

This is *really* annoying since my tape drive tries to clean itself and ofc it runs into an error since there is another tape loaded.


2020-07-06 09:36

reporter   ~0004023

one and a half years are over since this bug was reported and assigned - will this be fixed or not ?
Some feedback would be nice.


2020-07-06 09:36

reporter   ~0004024

Hi @all,

any news? I run into the same problem.



2023-08-23 10:47

manager   ~0005346

closing this leftover bug, has been fixed and work correctly as documented in version >= 22

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