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0001245bareos-corestorage daemonpublic2020-05-25 00:07
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0001245: Backup fails on VSS error for Win PC if "Google Drive File Stream" virtual drive is encountered
DescriptionThe Bareos option "Drive Type = fixed" does not skip mounted virtual drives such as "Google Drive File Stream." As a result, if "Enable VSS = yes" is enabled and such a drive is encountered, backup fails.

I'm using "File = /" for flexibility, so I can backup regardless of drive letter in use. I also do not want to use "Fail Job On Error = no," because I need jobs to fail on legitimate errors.

I'm hoping this issue can be resolved with either (or all) of these changes:
1. Update the Bareos Windows backup client to properly ignore drives such "Google Drive File Stream;"
2. Add option to "Skip drive on VSS Error;"
3. Add option to "Continue without VSS if unsupported;" and/or
4. Update the "Enable VSS = yes" function to make it implicit as opposed to explicit. That way, if a drive does not support VSS, it is treated as a warning as opposed to an error.

Steps To Reproduce1. With a fully functional Bareos deployment, setup a Windows desktop for backup.
2. For the Windows desktop backup job:
a) include "File = /"
b) enable the features "Enable VSS = yes"
c) enable "Drive Type = fixed"
3. If you don't have Google Drive, signup for one
4. Mount you Google Drive by setting up a "Google Drive File Stream" virtual drive per the instructions here:
5. Run the Windows desktop backup job
Additional InformationHere is an excerpt to my Windows desktop backup job definition:

FileSet {
  Name = "Windows Desktop"
  Enable VSS = yes
  Include {
    File = /
    Options {
      Signature = SHA1
      Drive Type = fixed
      IgnoreCase = yes
      verify = s1
      checkfilechanges = yes
      compression = LZ4
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