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0001243bareos-coredirectorpublic2023-07-05 16:52
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Summary0001243: Feature Request: Client-Variables in job defs and file sets
DescriptionIt would be great having variables in job defs and file sets.

In a JobDef you define a command to dump a database. The password is client specific and is passed as argument to the script. Same in file set - here you need a password for the script getting the file list.

It would look like this:

Client {
  Name = foo-bar
  Description = "Client resource Foo Bar"
  Password = "...." # password for FileDaemon
  Vars {
    client_pass = "Password"

JobDef {
 RunScript {
    Runs When = Before
    Runs On Client = Yes
    Fail Job On Error = Yes
    Command = "/etc/bareos/Scripts/ $client_pass"

FileSet {
  Include {
    File = "\\|/etc/bareos/Scripts/ $client_pass"

Additional to free format variables would it be great beeing able to pass job parameters like job name, job def name, job level and client name, client address to run scripts.
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2023-07-05 16:52

manager   ~0005159

Sorry but this will not be implemented without help of the community like proposing a PR or paid work.
If you're willing to please contact sales (at) bareos (dot) org

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