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0001167bareos-core[All Projects] file daemonpublic2020-01-10 14:08
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Platformx86_64OSFreeBSDOS Version11.3-RELEASE-p5
Product Version17.2.8 
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Summary0001167: bareos-fd daemon/fork mode does not as expected, after ESTIMATE or run a job the bareos-fd freezes with no log messages

I have rather strange issue with 4 FreeBSD hosts recently upgraded to 11.3 from 11.2.

If bareos-fd running as a service/daemon (the way it suppose to) so it serves just few ESTIMATE on RUN JOB request. Then stops responding completely. DIR times out if I try to reach bareos-fd on those 4 FreeBSD hosts. Tried running with debugging options however it just stops logging, looks like it hangs somewhere waiting for I/O event from network or disk.

Running bareos-fd manually with -f option makes it work as normal:

/usr/local/sbin/bareos-fd -u root -g wheel -v -c /usr/local/etc/bareos/ -f

rc.conf/sysrc configuration:

bareos_fd_enable: YES

No custom options, no ports built rather all stack packages from PKG.

Upgrading to the latest patch level 5 does not help. Updating bareos17-client to the latest 17.2.8 does not solve the problem either.

It is worth to note that FreeBSD 12 and 12.1 run bareos-fd as a daemon with no issues.

Wonder if it is FreeBSD 11.3 issue only. Would make sense to check changelog related to fork()/vfork() updates however it is just a hypothesis.

Steps To ReproduceRun ESTIMATE or RUN JOB more then once against the same bareos-fd on FreeBSD 11.3.
Additional Informationbareos17-client-17.2.8 package is used.
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