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0001160bareos-coreGeneralpublic2024-03-20 14:52
Reportertuxmaster Assigned Toarogge  
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version18.2.7 
Summary0001160: The value for the name oftopn of an resurece must be ascii only
DescriptionWhen set the name to an resource contains no ascii chars then the director will not start.
will work:
Pool {
name = foo
will fails:
Pool {
name = fooäöü
But the documentation says, that file files can be UTF-8.
Additional InformationUsing unicode chars in other options than name, it will work.
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2019-12-16 17:25

manager   ~0003673

Where in the docs does it say that you can use anything non-ascii for a resource name?
If it is documented like that it is simply wrong and we would have to update the documentation.


2019-12-16 17:59

reporter   ~0003674

I have read this documentation:
Under the section "Character Sets"
is written, that bareos will use UTF-8 encodings.
And in the section of the name resource there is only spoken of alphanumeric characters. So for example an 'ä' is an normal character.
So then there must be an hint here, that only asciii chars, are allowed here. Because for options that accept an string, utf-8 chars are working.


2019-12-17 09:45

manager   ~0003677

In the data-type section at there is the following description:

A keyword or name consisting of alphanumeric characters, including the hyphen, underscore, and dollar characters. The first character of a name must be a letter. A name has a maximum length currently set to 127 bytes.
Please note that Bareos resource names as well as certain other names (e.g. Volume names) must contain only letters (including ISO accented letters), numbers, and a few special characters (space, underscore, …). All other characters and punctuation are invalid.

We can improve the documentation for that quite a lot. However, I'm not sure it is sufficient to do it here. Do you think we should add another hint somewhere else?


2019-12-17 18:27

reporter   ~0003678

I think it will be better, general say, that only ascii chars are allowed under the general section.
Or when possible modify the parser, so that it will accept utf-8 strings on all settings.


2024-03-20 14:52

manager   ~0005858

no changes will occurs without community proposal (PR) or sponsored code.

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