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Summary0001135: Means to limit the total size of a backup
DescriptionIf a backup suddenly grows due to an explosion in file growth in one or more of the directories in a fileset it can use up a lot of resources including time and storage. It may be the case that the additional data is due to a bug or some other circumstance that needs to be corrected at some point, or any other reason that some data might not be needed or wanted for long-term storage in a backup.

An example of this could be when a developer is testing their work in the same directory with their source files, perhaps creating a lot of, or large, log files or other output during normal work. There are other scenarios. Developers and administrators should always take care to avoid accumulation of files, but sometimes they are required for some time or may be overlooked. Whatever the case, there is always a chance that a backup could grow by large amounts.

Currently, I have a before run script that calls estimate and decides whether to run the backup based on the result. It would be more efficient if bareos had a built-in feature to limit the size of a backup, either by its total projected size or perhaps by the total number of media volumes it is expected to use. My script has worked well for years, but it is a clumsy approach better served by built-in faculties in bareos. I hope you will consider adding this as a feature in the future.
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