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0001120bareos-corewebuipublic2023-10-24 09:42
Reportertobias_stein Assigned Toarogge  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Platformamd64OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Version10
Product Version17.2.7 
Summary0001120: No Favicon with PHP7.3 (undefined variable "extras" in HeadLink->createDataStylesheet())
DescriptionDisplay errors on Dashboard
* favicon.ico is not delivered
* Overview of jobs just filled with spinners

Following PHP-Error message is printed in log:
[Mon Oct 14 12:54:19.526596 2019] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 842:tid 139696600672000] [client redacted:40176]
AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Notice:
compact(): Undefined variable: extras in /usr/share/bareos-webui/vendor/zendframework/zend-view/src/Helper/HeadLink.php on line 403
PHP message: PHP Notice:
compact(): Undefined variable: extras in /usr/share/bareos-webui/vendor/zendframework/zend-view/src/Helper/HeadLink.php on line 403'
Steps To ReproduceUse bareos-webui (17.2.4-15.1) on Debian 10 "Buster"
with php-fpm (7.3+69)
with Apache/2.4.38 (Debian) with mod_ssl, mod_http2, mod_proxy_fcgi, mod_mpm_event and mod_http2(, which doesn't support mpm_prefork).

Include /etc/apache2/conf-available/bareos-webui.conf in /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl.conf.

aptitude install php-fpm
a2dismod php7.0
a2enconf php7.3-fpm
a2enmod ssl
a2enmod http2
a2enmod proxy_fcgi
a2dismod mpm_prefork
a2enmod mpm_event
systemctl restart apache2.service
Additional InformationMaybe the used zend-framework is no longer up2date in conjuction with usage of current Debian Buster.
Funktion "compact()" with php version 7.3 no longer ignores uninitialized variables.

I attached a little patch, that initializes variable `$extras` to empty string.
I don't know if it's written in a good style, but wanted to provide it. If it's trash, get rid of it.
This at least makes favicon.ico work again.
On subsequent refreshes of the dashbord spinners will appear again.




2019-10-14 14:34


initialize_extras.diff (113 bytes)   
>         $extras                = "";
> 	} else {
>             $extras = (string) $extras;
initialize_extras.diff (113 bytes)   


2019-10-16 10:04

manager   ~0003599

Thanks for the time you invested. I understand the issue, but I'm not sure that we will fix it for 17.2 anymore.
It should help to disable disable display_errors in php.ini (and I think this should be the default nowadays anyway).

Having said that, the PHP documentation for display_errors reads as follows:
"This is a feature to support your development and should never be used on production systems."


2019-10-16 10:34

reporter   ~0003601

That's absolutely no problem, I've found a way to work around.
Probably there is even no need to backport a patch to v17.2, because it's a corner case setup (buster+php-fpm7.3).
I guess, I assigned the bug to the wrong version, zend-framework HeadLink hasn't changed on master in this point.
I thought, it would just be a nice user-experience, that at least future versions of bareos-webui,
work out of the box on Debian stable with the php-version provided by the distribution (7.3) and
just reported the behavior.

I'm currently testing and studying bareos' ecosystem.
So going with "display_errors" is okay for me with this system and in the end helped me to get around a problem.
Nevertheless thanks for the tip!

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