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0001110bareos-corefile daemonpublic2023-07-20 10:27
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Product Version18.2.7 
Summary0001110: BareosFdPluginBaseclass:parse_plugin_definition() does not allow to override plugin options using FD Plugin Options in Job
DescriptionCurrently, the code does not allow to override plugin options set from FileSet by using
the FD Plugin Options parameter in a Job resource.
As a user/admin, I want to be able to override the more general settings (FileSet) by more
specific settings (Job).

Steps To ReproduceExample FileSet:

FileSet {
  Name = "vm_generic_fileset"
  Include {
    Options {
    Plugin = "python:module_path=/usr/lib64/bareos/plugins/vmware_plugin:module_name=bareos-fd-vmware:dc=mydc:folder=/my/"

And example Job definition:

Job {
  Name = "vm_test02_job"
  JobDefs = "DefaultJob"
  FileSet = "vm_generic_fileset"
  FD Plugin Options = "python:folder=/dmz:vmname=fw01"

The above options from "FD Plugin Options" do currently not override the options declared in the FileSet,
it is only possible to add options not yet declared in the FileSet.
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related to 0001106 assignedstephand Director's not sending Plugin Options to FileDaemon 




2023-07-20 10:27

manager   ~0005236

Would be nice to have.

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