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0001107bareos-coredirectorpublic2019-08-02 18:22
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version17.2.7 
Summary0001107: Backup Job Stuck on Bareos 17.2

I have a problem with the backup of my database files in bareos 17.2.

The backup job gets stuck when the volume size reaches approximately 6-7 GB and displays the message "Elapsed time = 00: 10: 37, Transfer rate = 11.39 M Bytes / second", after several hours it shows a timeout error and the backup job fails.

I have another 20 work tasks with the same configuration and procedure. This is the only task that fails.

The size of the backup files is 18 GB in total, after compression in the volumes the size is approximately 11-12 GB.

Bareos sd storage config and device config:

Storage {
  Name = hanab1-carp-sd
  Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20
  SDAddress =

Device {
  Name = StorageHanaCarp
  Media Type = File
  Archive Device = /hana/backup/backupbareos
  LabelMedia = yes; # lets Bareos label unlabeled media
  Random Access = yes;
  AutomaticMount = yes; # when device opened, read it
  RemovableMedia = no;
  AlwaysOpen = no;
  Description = "File device. A connecting Director must have the same Name and MediaType."

Bareos Dir Pool config and storage config:

Storage {
  Name = hanab1-carp-sd
  Address = -------------
  Password = -------------
  Device = StorageHanaCarp
  Media Type = File

Pool {
  Name = carpFullHanaDB
  Pool Type = Backup
  Recycle = yes # Bareos can automatically recycle Volumes
  AutoPrune = yes # Prune expired volumes
  Volume Retention = 14 days # How long should the Full Backups be kept? (0000006)
  Maximum Volume Bytes = 200G # Limit Volume size to something reasonable
  Maximum Volumes = 100 # Limit number of Volumes in Pool
  Label Format = carp # Volumes will be labeled "Full-<volume-id>"
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