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0001041bareos-corewebuipublic2020-02-06 17:27
Reporterbeckzg Assigned Tofrank  
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version18.2.5 
Summary0001041: BareOS-WebUI partially working

  I just upgraded to version 18.2.5 (with apt-get upgrade), everything looks like okay, but Webui gives me the following error on most of the links (Jobs, Volumes, ...):

"Error: API 2 not available on director. Please upgrade to version 15.2.2 or greater and/or compile with jansson support."

In the Apache log I've a lot of error lines like:

"[Thu Jan 31 14:54:56.229653 2019] [:error] [pid 32236] [client] console_name: admin, referer: http://backup.local/backup/dashboard/
[Thu Jan 31 14:54:56.229945 2019] [:error] [pid 32236] [client] PHP Notice: fwrite(): send of 26 bytes failed with errno=104 Connection reset by peer in /usr/share/bareos-webui/vendor/Bareos/library/Bareos/BSock/BareosBSock.php on line 219, referer: http://backup.local/backup/dashboard/
[Thu Jan 31 14:55:06.847200 2019] [:error] [pid 31585] [client] console_name: admin, referer: http://backup.local/backup/dashboard/
[Thu Jan 31 14:55:06.847706 2019] [:error] [pid 31585] [client] PHP Notice: fwrite(): send of 26 bytes failed with errno=104 Connection reset by peer in /usr/share/bareos-webui/vendor/Bareos/library/Bareos/BSock/BareosBSock.php on line 219, referer: http://backup.local/backup/dashboard/"
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2019-01-31 17:08

reporter   ~0003231

Resolved :)

console/admin.conf: TLS Enable = No


2019-07-21 13:53

reporter   ~0003509

Thanks beckzg, this worked after upgrading from 17.x to 18.2.5!
We were despairing; how did you debug this?


2020-02-06 17:27

manager   ~0003737

Unfortunately TLS-PSK is currently not supported in PHP. If you do not disable transport encryption (TLSEnable=False) on the specific console resources (e.g. bareos-dir.d/console/admin.conf) or you do not have certificates setup properly you run into kind of this error message as stated above.

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