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0001020bareos-core[All Projects] webuipublic2019-07-31 18:03
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Product Version18.2.4-rc1 
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Summary0001020: Webui can not restore a client, if it contains spaces in its name
DescriptionAll my clients have names with spaces on their names like "client-fd using Catalog-XXX"; correctly handled (ie, enclosing the name in quotation marks, or escaping the space with \), this has not represented any problem... until now. Webui can even perform backup tasks (previously defined in the configuration files) and has not presented problems with the spaces. But when it came time to restore something ... it just does not seem to be able to properly handle the character strings that contain spaces inside. Apparently, cuts the string to first place especially found (as you can see by looking at the attached image).
Steps To ReproduceDefine a client whose name contains spaces inside, such as "hostname-fd Testing Client".
Try to restore a backup from Webui to that client (it does not matter that the backup was originally made in that client or that the newly defined client is a new destination for the restoration of a backup previously made in another client).
Webui will fail by saying "invalid client argument: hostname-fd". As you can see, Webui will "cut" the client's name to the first string before the first space, and since there is no hostname-fd client, the task will fail; or worse, if additionally there was a client whose name matched the first string before the first space, Webui will restore the wrong client.
Additional Informationbconsole does not present any problem when the clients contain spaces in their names (this of course, when the spaces are correctly handled by the human operator who writes the commands, either by enclosing the name with quotation marks, or escaping spaces with a backslash).
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2019-07-31 18:03

reporter   ~0003546


Any news regarding this problem? (or any ideas about how to patch it temporarily so that you can use webui for the case described)?
Sometimes it is tedious to use bconsole all the time instead of webui ...


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