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frank frank bareos-19.2 2020-09-24 16:15:14 bareos-19.2 e90c2da9 Pending
Affected Issues  0001039: Cant login in webui
Changeset webui: Fix login issue

This commit fixes a login issue which occurred when the update
information could not be retrieved.

- Restructured AuthController for readability and optimization
- Use the ZF2 Session Container instead of $_SESSION
- Introduce AuthController method checkAPIStatusDIRD
- Introduce AuthController method checkACLStatusDIRD
- Introduce AuthController method checkUpdateStatusDIRD

The commit also fixes a minor issue with the UpdateAlert ViewHelper.

Fixes 0001039: Can not login in webui

(cherry picked from commit 0691180355e9d437986b47b11554ae4a6afba186)
mod - webui/module/Application/src/Application/Controller/Plugin/SessionTimeoutPlugin.php Diff File
mod - webui/module/Application/src/Application/View/Helper/UpdateAlert.php Diff File
mod - webui/module/Auth/src/Auth/Controller/AuthController.php Diff File