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0000617bareos-core[All Projects] storage daemonpublic2016-02-10 19:562016-02-12 21:37
Assigned Tomvwieringen 
PlatformLinuxOSanyOS Version3
Product Version15.2.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000617: Add support for rados_striper functions in rados_device.c where it currently dosn't exist.
DescriptionNot all of the calls in rados_device.c will use their rados_striper alternatives if HAVE_RADOS_STRIPER is defined.

rados_striper functions need to be provided m_striper.
TagsNo tags attached.
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Attached Filespatch file icon 0001-add-support-for-rados_striper-functions-in-rados_dev.patch [^] (4,039 bytes) 2016-02-10 19:56 [Show Content]

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mvwieringen (developer)
2016-02-11 10:00

There are a couple of problems with this patch. Next to that I have some
other patches pending so I took the patch and tried merging the changes.
Problem with the striper stuff was that it was fully new when I added the
code and docs where nowhere to be found. So it was more a proof of concept
then anything that might work at all.
mvwieringen (developer)
2016-02-11 10:05

I pushed a temporary branch to github under [^] which includes some more fixes. It may need some
work but is probably a better base to start fixing.
matt01 (reporter)
2016-02-11 11:07

Ok Thanks,

I agree there doesn't seem to be any documentation on the striper functions, Looking at the header files all of the functions appear to be the same as the non striper alternatives. Hopefully documentation will appear soon.

We will be looking at using ceph for backups here and striping is desirable so I plan on testing this heavily soon.

mvwieringen (developer)
2016-02-11 12:49

Yes CEPH is kind of sloppy with documenting their API they also changed
the write API in some version from returning the number of bytes and then
all of a sudden return true or false. When doing the rados_create2 interface
last week I run into something similar as it seems it existed before but
then only had 2 arguments nowadays 4 and you have to look in the git repo
when they changed it and then look forward in the commits to see when the
API version number gets bumped.

Honestly I have not to much interest in every possible storage platform
but when we started S3 I already found out quickly that the native APIs
of CEPH and Gluster are much better suited for the way we work then the
S3 api which you also can use on those platforms. Now that storage backends
are abstracted as part of cloud storage stuff we can easily plugin new ones.
But for most we are depended somewhat on end-users as keeping them all in shape
is not something that we can spend numerous hours on.

You might run into some problems with the branch I mentioned as some stuff
is based on the limited documentation available.
mvwieringen (developer)
2016-02-12 21:37

Fix committed to bareos master branch with changesetid 6132.

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bareos: master 01c224cf
Timestamp: 2016-02-10 15:27:08
Author: mr245
Committer: mvwieringen
Ported: N/A
Details ] Diff ]
ceph: Add more support for rados_striper functions.

Fixes 0000617: Add support for rados_striper functions in rados_device.c
where it currently dosn't exist.

Signed-off-by: Marco van Wieringen <>
mod - src/stored/backends/rados_device.c Diff ] File ]
mod - src/stored/backends/rados_device.h Diff ] File ]

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