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0000097bareos-coreGeneralpublic2015-02-02 18:49
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Product Version12.4.2 
Summary0000097: default user and groups for fd, sd and director are not defined
Descriptionusing configure, user and group can be set for the fd, sd and director daemons.
Currently theses settings are used in the init scripts and some scripts from the scripts directory. Also they are recently added to the bareos-config script.
Currently theses users are also statically set for package generation.

However, there is no default user/group defined.
If configure is called without --with-sd_user, sd_user is not defined.

My proposal is, that configure always has a default value for users and groups. This can be "bareos" or "root".

My plan is to reuse the get_*_user/group functions from bareos-config during package generation or even in the init scripts.

Alternatives are:
- configure has defaults for users and groups
- bareos-config has some defaults, if no user/group is defined by configure
- get_*_user/group functions from bareos-config get removed, and some other code is added to for generating packages (DEB/SPEC-files)
- let configure create a config file containing this information, eg. /etc/bareos/config. This file should be sourceable from shell and contains information about users, groups, directory. It might get used from the init-scripts as well as from bareos-config (if required)

Suggestions welcomed.
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2013-02-26 09:48

developer   ~0000171

Last item e.g. script with shell variables would have my vote and can be filled
by configure when you create a file probably can remove a lot of
other .in files as when they source this new config they become static and
don't need configure to replace any variable anymore.

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