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0000766bareos-core[All Projects] webuipublic2021-09-28 17:51
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Summary0000766: Hardcoded default limit on .bvfs_lsdirs and .bvfs_lsfiles prevents webui from loading all directory content
DescriptionWebUI does not set a limit to retrieve directories and files via bvfs commands (.bvfs_lsfiles/.bvfs_lsdirs).

But a default limit of 2000 is set in the dird code, which is not documented in the BVFS API section of the Bareos Developers Manual or anywhere else.

See Bareos Source src/dird/ua_dotcmds.c line 455 and line 507.

This leads to a wrong display of directories and files in the restore tree of the webui in case of directories containing a file number or directory number greater than 2000 as obviously files and directories which should be listed are missing.
Additional InformationAlso it is not possible to set the limit to none via e.g. .bvfs_lsdirs path=/ jobid=9000 limit=0 which one might propably expect.

In addition the command helptext should mention the default limit, which it does not.

*help .bvfs_lsdirs
  Command Description
  ======= ===========
  .bvfs_lsdirs List directories using BVFS

    jobid=<jobid> path=<path> |
    pathid=<pathid> [limit=<limit>] [offset=<offset>]

When at a prompt, entering a period cancels the command.

*help .bvfs_lsfiles
  Command Description
  ======= ===========
  .bvfs_lsfiles List files using BVFS

    jobid=<jobid> path=<path> |
    pathid=<pathid> [limit=<limit>] [offset=<offset>]

When at a prompt, entering a period cancels the command.

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related to 0000773 closed Webui Restore don't show complete folder content of large folders 




2021-08-30 13:25

manager   ~0004240

There were numerous fixes since this report has been opened, please let us know if the problem still persists after updating to one of our latest maintained versions 20.x, 19.x or 18.x.

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