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0000729bareos-coredirectorpublic2023-07-05 16:57
Reportertuxmaster Assigned Tobruno-at-bareos  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version16.2.4 
Summary0000729: Run an incremental job via console work, but via schedule it fails.
DescriptionWhen I run an incremental job via console, the job is running correctly.
But when the same job is executed via the scheduler then it will displayed as incremental, but the amount of data which is backup'd are the same like an full backup.

An dry run via
estimate accurate=yes client= fileset= level=Incremental job= will result the correct amount of data.
Additional InformationThis will happens after update from 15.2.
And only on an CentOS 7.2 client.
Clients using Windows 7, CentOS 5 or Fedora 23-25 will work correctly.
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2016-12-02 16:53

developer   ~0002456

Can you provide some log files of this?


2016-12-02 18:00

reporter   ~0002457

What logs do you need?
In the normal job log there is nothing suspected.
Normally when an inc backup is not possible, then the message will logged, that an full is needed. But in this case nothing is logged about this.


2017-07-16 13:59

reporter   ~0002682

There are news for it.
The problem was an packet loss/packet corruption on the network. So it looks like the bareos network protocol is not very stable against network errors.


2023-07-05 16:57

manager   ~0005161

As the issue vanish by itself, and we are not able to reproduce it we're closing it.

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