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0000714bareos-coreGeneralpublic2019-02-15 12:05
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PlatformWindows 7OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version15.2.4 
Summary0000714: tray-monitor does not start with default install in Windows
Descriptiontray-monitor is installed to autostart with commandline:
"C:\Program Files\Bareos\bareos-tray-monitor.exe" \
  -c "C:\ProgramData\Bareos\tray-monitor.conf"

It will not start with this commandline. No error messages.
Steps To ReproduceInstall tray-monitor and bareos-fd configure both, start bareos-fd, then try to start tray-monitor.
Tray -monitor will start, then quit immediately without any error message.
Tagsconfig, configuration, crash, start, tray-monitor
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2018-11-27 12:14

reporter   ~0003153

Same for 18.2, 17.2, 16.2

Giving options as documented for Linux/Unix versions these lead to errors: "The application terminated in an unusual way -- please contact the application developers".

Some findings:
"-d" ignored by tray-monitor
"-?" crashes tray-monitor
"-c" ignored by tray-monitor
all others: crashes tray-monitor

Tray monitor does not give any hint why it is not starting. Looking at Windows logs I can find nothing.

I only found one way to make tray monitor stay up: define an non existant storage daemon to connect to. But then you'll have log entries: "could not connect to storage daemon ...".

Could be nice to have some more information why tray-monitor does start and terminate "in an unusual way" in case of given options.

Could be nice to have tray-monitor start and not terminate if there are no errors within configuration files.

Could be nice to have tray-monitor tell about what files are read upon start and to tell about errors found within these files.

Could be nice to have tray-monitor respect debugging options given on commandline and not just exaust some "The application terminated in an unusual way".


2019-02-15 12:05

reporter   ~0003265

Got the 'same' (I guess) issue on CentOS : `bareos-tray-monitor` launch successfully, but by default in the .desktop file it got `-c /etc/bareos/tray-monitor.conf` which is not installed by default. Removing `-c /etc/bareos/bareos-tray-monitor.conf` from the .desktop allow to launch the app.

(".desktop" is /usr/share/applications/bareos-tray-monitor.desktop)

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