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0000491bareos-core[All Projects] directorpublic2019-12-18 15:25
ReporterRoyKAssigned Tojoergs 
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Product Version14.2.2 
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Summary0000491: bareos-dir dies on reload if config has typos
DescriptionIf the configuration isn't 100% correct, the director dies after doing a reload, terminating all running jobs on its way. This really makes no sense, since the director already has a test mode to parse the configuration and check for errors. The director should use this test on reload and check its configuration prior to initiating the full reload
Steps To ReproduceGarble the configuration a bit
Run bconsole and then reload
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bareos-master: impactyes
bareos-master: actionwill care
bareos-19.2: impact
bareos-19.2: action
bareos-18.2: impact
bareos-18.2: action
bareos-17.2: impact
bareos-17.2: action
bareos-16.2: impact
bareos-16.2: action
bareos-15.2: impactyes
bareos-15.2: actionwill care
bareos-14.2: impactyes
bareos-14.2: actionnone
bareos-13.2: impactyes
bareos-13.2: actionnone
bareos-12.4: impactyes
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related to 0000637 closed director crash on config reload 




2015-06-21 01:03

reporter   ~0001773

Sorry, mate, but this isn't a minor. If you have a large backup server and it dies during a bunch of backups and wastes a ton of tape space, that's actually a major.


2015-10-16 19:47

developer   ~0001881

Fix committed to bareos master branch with changesetid 5702.

Related Changesets

bareos: master 3b5169b5

2015-10-07 17:31:36


Committer: mvwieringen

Ported: N/A

Details Diff
cleanup reload_config command

reload config command is callable as signal handler for SIGHUP
and by the bconsole reload command.

Make sure, that the SIGHUP handler is only called once.

Do not terminate the director in case of config errors.

Fixes 0000491: bareos-dir dies on reload if config has typos
Fixes 0000503: Config reload leads to director crash if a duplicate resource named is present
Affected Issues
0000491, 0000503
mod - src/console/console_conf.c Diff File
mod - src/dird/dird.c Diff File
mod - src/dird/dird_conf.c Diff File
mod - src/dird/ua_cmds.c Diff File
mod - src/filed/filed_conf.c Diff File
mod - src/lib/parse_conf.c Diff File
mod - src/lib/parse_conf.h Diff File
mod - src/qt-console/bat_conf.cpp Diff File
mod - src/qt-tray-monitor/tray_conf.cpp Diff File
mod - src/stored/stored_conf.c Diff File

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