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0000460bareos-corefile daemonpublic2023-12-13 13:29
Reporterqwerty Assigned Topstorz  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformSlackware LinuxOSanyOS Version3
Product Version14.2.4 
Summary0000460: SHA1 checksum sometimes wrong
DescriptionFor some files the checksum is wrong when doing incremental backup in accurate mode.
Note that is just for some files. And always the same files.
These files are not touched in any way.
They get backed up on every backup, full and incremental.
The problem is that it eat up backup media.

The FileSet setup look like this:
FileSet {
  Name = "Server1-data_opt_u"
  Include {
    Options {
      signature = SHA1
      compression = GZIP
      accurate = pins1u
      basejob = pins1u
      verify = pins1
      sparse = yes
      noatime = yes
      checkfilechanges = no
      exclude = yes



  Exclude {

Shorted debug output from the file daemon.
One file as example.
srv1-fd: accurate_htable.c:97-0 add fname=</opt/u/Slackware/13.0/slackware-13.0-install-dvd.iso> lstat=P0E Jxf IHk B H0 H0 A DpqbgA BAA dPIV BUCE69 BMKTCp BU2xiJ A A g delta_seq=0 chksum=qCVteboqSK23Btz+1XrFVVb+KpA
srv1-fd: verify.c:322-0 === read_digest
srv1-fd: accurate.c:55-0 lookup </opt/u/Slackware/13.0/slackware-13.0-install-dvd.iso> ok
srv1-fd: verify.c:262-0 === digest_file
srv1-fd: bfile.c:1101-0 bopen: fname /opt/u/Slackware/13.0/slackware-13.0-install-dvd.iso, flags 262144, mode 0, rdev 0
srv1-fd: verify.c:322-0 === read_digest
srv1-fd: verify.c:437-0 /opt/u/Slackware/13.0/slackware-13.0-install-dvd.iso SHA1 chksum diff. Cat: qCVteboqSK23Btz+1XrFVVb+KpA File: WNmTLFTpUj5hZwRbIWmuqsx6n50
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related to 0000462 closed windows file daemon and zero-length files in Inc backup 




2015-05-26 12:00

administrator   ~0001741


we fixed some problems with the digest code for 0000462, and I think that this should also solve this problem.
(see )

Please check with the newest master code if your problem is now fixed.

Thank you


2015-06-02 21:00

reporter   ~0001765

No. The problem is still there.


2015-09-09 10:49

reporter   ~0001822

Hello, I'm experiencing the same thing with these settings:

FileSet {
  Name = test-data-fileset
  Ignore FileSet Changes = yes
  Include {
    Options {
      Compression = GZIP
      Signature = MD5
      BaseJob = pmugcs5
      Accurate = mcs5
      Verify = pins5
      sparse = yes
      aclsupport = yes
      xattrsupport = yes
      hfsplussupport = yes
      checkfilechanges = yes

The initial checksum is different from all subsequent checksums which are all the same.
That is, given the output above, the checksum that is shown in the debug output for accurate_htable.c is different from the one in the debug output of verify.c. In subsequent backups, the checksum in the debug output of verify.c does not change.

I'm wondering how these checksums are computed (are they computed on the original file or on the gzipped-file?) and why the initial checksum is different...


2015-09-10 11:12

reporter   ~0001828

Hello again,

I've found an old thread on the bacula mailing lists that is about a similar issue:

I followed the thread and did the following:
- Create a full backup.
- Run a VolumeToCatalog verify job = OK.
- Run a DiskToCatalog verify job = OK.
- Run a incremental backup = files are still copied.

At the end they talk about the "sparse = yes" setting.
If I remove this setting, all is fine again!
Moreover, the checksums in the initial full backup are different from the one with the setting "sparse=yes".
In this thread, they mention that "the Verify code that creates the hash
does not take account of the Sparse flag". Maybe this is the case for the bareos code as well???

So qwerty, would you be able and willing to test this as well (i.e., without the "sparse=yes" setting)?

Many thanks,



2015-09-11 14:01

reporter   ~0001830


Yes, with "Sparse = no" it works.
I missed that bacula thread.
It looks like that old bug is still there.
Thanks Franky.


2015-12-03 11:34

reporter   ~0002025

I'm wondering: will there be some action taken to resolve this issue, or will using the "sparse=no" the only solution to this problem?


2023-05-09 16:50

manager   ~0005027

Is this still reproducible with newer version like 22x?


2023-12-13 13:29

manager   ~0005623

certainly fixed in recent version

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