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0000444bareos-core[All Projects] installer / packagespublic2019-12-18 15:25
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Platformx86_64OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Version7 "Wheezy"
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Summary0000444: OpenPGP certificate for the release repository is too weak.
DescriptionThe OpenPGP certificate used for signatures on the release repository for Debian systems features an RSA keypair of insufficient length (1024 bit).

I recommend replacing the current certificate with an RSA keypair of at least 3072 bit length. The Debian operating system uses 4096 bit RSA keypairs to secure its own repositories at least since the release of Debian 7 "Wheezy" in 2013.
Additional InformationIn the introduction of their report on "Factorization of a 768-Bit RSA Modulus" in 2010, Thorsten Kleinjung et al. stated the following:

"The Because the factorization of a 512-bit RSA modulus was first reported in 1999, it is not unreasonable to expect that 1024-bit RSA moduli can be factored well within the next decade by a similar academic effort. Thus, it would be prudent to phase out usage of 1024-bit RSA within the next three to four years." (so between 2013 and 2014, Source: )

The "Algorithms, Key Sizes and Parameters Report" by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), released in November 2014, recommends RSA key sizes of 3072 bit length for short term usage (until about 2023). ( Source: )

The German "Bundesnetzagentur" in their "Algorithmenkatalog" of 2013 recommends RSA keys of at least 2048 bit length to be secure until 2019. ( Source: )

The German "Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik" (BSI) in 2015 states a current minimum RSA key length of 2000 bits. Also it is stated, that starting in 2017 it is planned to recommend the removal of all RSA key sizes lower than 3000 bit. (Source: )
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2015-03-24 03:33

reporter   ~0001334

Here the certificate data:

pub 1024D/0x7A855ABDE0F8EFD4 2013-02-10 [expires: 2017-02-26]
      Key fingerprint = 2FC0 4F7E 3421 E21B 70F3 231F 7A85 5ABD E0F8 EFD4
uid bareos OBS Project <>


2015-04-07 18:41

administrator   ~0001680

Maik, while changing the signing key now might cause trouble, we should at least create a more secure signing key for the bareos-15.2 release.


2015-08-31 12:43

administrator   ~0001816

bareos-15.2 will be signed with:

pub 4096R/093BFBA2 2015-08-24 [expires: 2021-02-13]
      Key fingerprint = 0143 857D 9CE8 C2D1 82FE 2631 F93C 028C 093B FBA2
uid Bareos Packaging Signing Key <>

Key information are available at
and the key is uploaded to various key servers:

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