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0001488bareos-corefile daemonpublic2023-02-13 10:41
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Platformx86_64OSRHELOS Version9
Product Version21.1.4 
Summary0001488: PostgreSQL Plugin fails on PostgreSQL 15
DescriptionBecause the backup functions was renamed, the add can't backup anything.

Functions pg_start_backup()/pg_stop_backup() have been renamed to pg_backup_start()/pg_backup_stop(),
and the functions pg_backup_start_time() and pg_is_in_backup() have been removed.
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2022-10-22 21:12

reporter   ~0004818

Also the file backup_label is not created any more.
It looks like the backup process has changed.
See 26.3.3
pg_backup_stop will return two fields, that has to be saved into files by the backup tool. (2-> backup_label, 3. -> tablespace_map).


2022-11-03 10:19

developer   ~0004822

Seen by developer, but PR from external is welcomed too ;-)

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