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0001465bareos-corefile daemonpublic2023-12-13 15:36
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Platformx86_64OSCentOSOS Versionstream 8
Product Version21.1.3 
Summary0001465: Use the virtual file path + prefix when no writer is set
DescriptionCreating the backup woks fine, but on restore there exists often the problem, that the restore must be done to an normal file like in the PostgreSQL or MariaDB add on.
But when using the an dd or the demo code that is in the documentation, the file can only created in an absolute path.
I think it will be better, when no writer command is set(or :writer=none), that the file restore is done to the file prefix (Where setting of the restore job) + path of the virtual file like it is done in the both python add-on's.

bpipe:file=/_mongobackups_/foo_db.archive:reader=sh -c 'cat /foo/backup_pw_file | mongodump <OPT ... > --archive':writer=none"
Then the file will written to <where>/_mongobackups_/foo_db.archive




2022-09-21 16:02

manager   ~0004755

As it looks like more a feature request, why not proposing a PR with ? ;-)


2023-12-13 15:36

manager   ~0005637

Closing as no PR has been proposed

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