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0001397bareos-coredocumentationpublic2021-12-21 16:07
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Summary0001397: "Tapespeed and blocksizes" chapter location is wrong
Description"Tapespeed and blocksizes" chapter is a general topic. Therefore, it must be moved away from "Autochanger Support" page/category.
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2021-11-25 10:35

developer   ~0004360

Would you like to propose a PR changing the place, it would be really appreciate.
Are you doing backup on tapes on a single drive ? (Most of the use case we seen actually are all using autochanger, that's why the chapter is actually there).


2021-11-30 21:01

reporter   ~0004376

Last edited: 2021-11-30 21:03

Yes, I use standalone tape drive, but for infrequent, long-term archiving rather than regular backup.

PR to move "Tapespeed and blocksizes" one level up, to "Tasks and Concepts":



2021-12-09 09:42

developer   ~0004383

Did you see the comment in the PR ?


2021-12-21 16:07

developer   ~0004402

PR#1009 merged last week.

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