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0001370bareos-core[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-09-27 13:57
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Summary0001370: btape -c option does not work with storage configuration file
DescriptionI want to run btape on tapes which were written with a non-default blocksize of 1048576
I found out that I have to use option -c to specify this.
But when running $ btape -c /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.d/storage/Tape.conf
it fails with error:

Tape block granularity is 1024 bytes.
btape: ERROR TERMINATION at lib/
Config error: Keyword "Address" not permitted in this resource.
Perhaps you left the trailing brace off of the previous resource.
            : line 3, col 11 of file /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.d/storage/Tape.conf
  Address =

The documentation at
also does not say much about option -c and which configuration should be specified here.
It should be more specific.
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2021-09-07 10:33

developer   ~0004254

To properly launch btape, you have to know that -c is looking for a bundled bareos-sd.conf (aka the old way of doing thing) or a subdir called bareos-sd.d (new configuration globbing) into the path given.
So normally all your SD configuration are located under /etc/bareos/bareos-sd.d location so translated to btape give the following

```btape -c /etc/bareos```

you're welcome to propose a PR with improved text for the documentation :-)


2021-09-27 13:57

developer   ~0004277

Reviewing the documentation, there's a whole introduction in the chapters tools which mention almost all information.

So in a normal usage, once you've also added to the device configuration the Maximum Block Size and Label Size parameters, stopped the bareos-storage daemon, you should normally just use ```btape MyTape``` when MyTape is the name of your tape drive.

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