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0001350bareos-core[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-11-17 13:41
ReporterfcolistaAssigned Tobruno-at-bareos 
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Summary0001350: AGPL-3.0 compliance
I'm the maintainer of BareOS in Alpine Linux.
We got an interesting request, related to AGPL-3.0:

Alpine ships some patches for BareOS, as you can see here:

There is any possibility that you can enable Alpine to be AGPL compliant?
Thank you very much for considering.

.: Francesco Colista

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2021-11-17 10:06

developer   ~0004343

Hello, thanks you for your report.
I've checked the report and I don't understand too much, what is missing from us to be compliant ?

All the source code is coming from ?
Except your patches, which unfortunately are not documented not licenced.
The webui is based on Zend Framework 2 (also contained into the source tree) and each component has its copy of Zend Framework license (which is a BDS/MIT like) compatible AGPL3.0, if I'm not wrong.

Could you be more explicit, about what are you expecting from us ?

btw: Your patch for libdroplet will fail soon once we will have merged


2021-11-17 13:41

developer   ~0004344

Adding also this link from our documentation

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