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Summary0001321: WebUI can't show every job's file
DescriptionBareos : 19.2.7-2


Before starting, I want to apologize in advance about my bad english ( i'm french)

I have a problem with webui during the restore. The restoration page displays the files to be restored but not for all the clients (the heaviest, of course...)
I have already read other tickets concerning this problem and none have solved mine.

Can you help me?
Steps To ReproduceJust go to bareos Web-UI

Go to restoration page and select client.
Additional Informationi can search correcty file or path in the bconsole.
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Yes I can acknowledge it.

Work around: going to the backup job and klick on the restore button, then search the file.
If you have multiple backup jobs, you have to search in each job for the file.

Merging of backups seems to be broken.

This problem is since v20 since I have start with bareos for the first time.

OS: CentOS 8 (RHEL 8), PostgeSQL DB, Dir and SD with LTO tape drive in a LXC container.

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