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0001312bareos-core[All Projects] webuipublic2021-04-29 10:56
ReporterRuth Ivimey-CookAssigned Tofrank 
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Platformamd64OSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu 20.04
Product Version19.2.9 
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Summary0001312: Don't use 'status' output as-is on Storage, Client, Director pages
DescriptionThe WebUI is very helpful, but would be significantly nicer to use if the various information on the status pages were pulled out nicely in the interface as HTML, rather than left as inline plaintext. The JSON output from bconsole, or the REST API, may be a nicer way of getting the info.

The things I refer to the status output for include:

 - status of client (online, connected, etc)
 - which file (path) is being backed up at present, to gauge progress
 - size of the current backup

 - Size of the spool file, to gauge when next tape write will be
 - Which tape is mounted and its state (mounted, acquiring, etc),
 - Which tape is wanted next
 - Total bytes written to tape, to gauge % of tape used/time left to full
 - Which jobs are active and upcoming, and their level.

 - If jobs are queued, why they are (e.g. max storage jobs, priority).
 - Very occasionally, the version info.
If the queue reason were added to existing displays, I think the Director status could probably be dropped as most of the info is available elsewhere already.

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