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0001279bareos-core[All Projects] directorpublic2021-01-18 10:51
ReporterScorpionking83Assigned Toarogge 
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version19.2.8 
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Summary0001279: Bareos-dir won't start after updating the OS.
DescriptionThe bareos-dir won't start after updating the CentOS 7.

Steps To ReproduceSteps I took:

# bareos-dir -t
bareos-dir: dird/ Could not open Catalog "MyCatalog", database "bareos".
bareos-dir: dird/ Version error for database "bareos". Wanted 2192, got 2171
Please correct the configuration in /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.d/*/*.conf

I get the following error in /var/log/bareos/bareos.log:

04-Nov 10:06 bareos-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: Version error for database "bareos". Wanted 2192, got 2171
04-Nov 10:06 bareos-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: Could not open Catalog "MyCatalog", database "bareos".
04-Nov 10:06 bareos-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: Version error for database "bareos". Wanted 2192, got 2171

I used mysql and did the following commands:
mysqlcheck --all-databases -u bareos -p
Enter password:
bareos.BaseFiles OK
bareos.Client OK
bareos.Counters OK
bareos.Device OK
bareos.DeviceStats OK
bareos.File OK
bareos.FileSet OK
bareos.Job OK
bareos.JobHisto OK
bareos.JobMedia OK
bareos.JobStats OK
bareos.Location OK
bareos.LocationLog OK
bareos.Log OK
bareos.Media OK
bareos.MediaType OK
bareos.NDMPJobEnvironment OK
bareos.NDMPLevelMap OK
bareos.Path OK
bareos.PathHierarchy OK
bareos.PathVisibility OK
bareos.Pool OK
bareos.Quota OK
bareos.RestoreObject OK
bareos.Status OK
bareos.Storage OK
bareos.TapeAlerts OK
bareos.Version OK
[bareos@e1lsah9002bar scripts]$ exit

Cannot use /usr/lib/bareos/scripts/update_bareos_tables to update the database version: 2192.
mysql -c /usr/lib/bareos/scripts/update_bareos_tables -u bareos -p
Enter password:
ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user 'bareos'@'localhost' to database '/usr/lib/bareos/scripts/update_bareos_tables'

How can I update database version for mysql/mariadb database?

With kind regards from,

Ben van den Bos.
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2020-11-07 23:18

reporter   ~0004056

Please can someone help me with upgrading database to version: 2192 for mysql/mariadb?


2020-12-06 14:57

reporter   ~0004062

The problem is been resolved by me. Thanks for nothing.
This ticket can be closed.

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