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0001194bareos-core[All Projects] file daemonpublic2020-02-18 15:42
ReporterIntAssigned Toarogge 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Platformx86OSWindowsOS Version2016
Product Version17.2.4 
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Summary0001194: Incremental backup does backup all files instead of changed files
DescriptionOn 30.1.2020 the incremental backup on my Windows Server 2016 (64bit) suddenly did not backup the changed files anymore but did backup up all files instead. This happened ever since except one time on 4.2.2020 where it did a correct incremental backup.
This change of behaviour does not correlate with Windows updates - the last time I installed Windows updates on the server was on 17.1.2020.
Also the Bareos server was not changed.
I am using the Accurate option for my backups.

in this bug
I found the hint to use only MD5 hash for the accurate option so I tried this and changed my fileset configuration to "accurate = 5"
but it did not change the behaviour. The incremental backup is still backing up all files.

Backups of clients with Windows 10 still work correctly, so I assume that issues lies with the file daemon on Windows Server 2016.

Any ideas what this could be caused by?
Or any hint where to debug?
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2020-02-13 09:37

developer   ~0003805

First of all: please don't run 17.2 if you can help it.

As you have accurate enabled, it could be that the accurate flags are not transferred to the client correctly.

- can you successfully open the restore browser in bconsole using the restore command and then selecting option 5, and the client in question?
- how many files are "all files"?


2020-02-13 12:05

reporter   ~0003809

Thank you for the quick feedback!

Upgrading from 17.2 is on my todo list but I didn't have the time to tackle that so far.
I can restore successfully for this client with bconsole.
All files are 8,786,819 files at the moment. The number of files didn't increase drastically, it was always about this amount for this client.

It would be great if 17.2 would work again, this would give me time to plan and execute the upgrade to 19.2 in a relaxed manner.
If you think an upgrade to 19.2 is the only solution for this problem I will have to reorganize my tasks and give this highest priority.


2020-02-18 09:08

reporter   ~0003821

Since I didn't get any further feedback about how to proceed, I decided myself and worked over the weekend to update Bareos to the latest version 19.2.6

So far (for the last two nights) the incremental and differential backups work correctly again, so the update seems to have solved the issue.

But I still don't understand why Bareos changed it's behaviour all of a sudden in the first place...


2020-02-18 10:32

developer   ~0003822

I don't understand it either - but I'm also not eager to dig into old code to find an issue that has been fixed in the meantime.
While 19.2 has its own issues (and we're working on that) it is probably a much better choice than 17.2.

Is your problem fixed now? Can I close the issue?


2020-02-18 10:43

reporter   ~0003823

Let me monitor the backup behaviour until end of the week just to be sure ...
I will give you feedback on Friday.



2020-02-18 15:42

developer   ~0003829

As the problem doesn't seem to occur in 19.2 anymore, I'll close the issue.
You can just reopen it if the issue resurfaces. Thank you!

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