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0001182bareos-corewebuipublic2020-02-20 09:23
Reporterzendx Assigned Tostephand  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version9
Product Version19.2.5 
Summary0001182: Files list in restore dialog is empty after updating 18.2.5 to 19.2.5
DescriptionI've upgraded bareos 18.2.5 -> 19.2.5


DB migrated to version 2192

.bvfs_clear_cache yes done without errors.

After .bvfs_update, some error messages appears in the logfile:

09-Feb 13:08 bareos-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: cats/ cats/ query INSERT INTO PathVisibility (PathId, JobId) SELECT DISTINCT PathId, JobId FROM (SELECT PathId, JobId FROM File WHERE JobId = 13066 UNION SELECT PathId, BaseFiles.JobId FROM BaseFiles JOIN File AS F USING (FileId) WHERE BaseFiles.JobId = 13066) AS B failed: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pathvisibility_pkey"

Restore dialog in WebUI shows all jobs for clients, but files list is empty for all of them :(
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2020-02-12 08:35

developer   ~0003794

Thanks for reporting this, I verifided that it is a race condition that unfortunately happens sometimes when multiple .bvfs_update are running in parallel. It is perfectly ok to run multiple .bvfs_update in parallel, and using the Bareos webui also causes running .bvfs_update. In most of the cases, the code prevents from running bvfs update on the same JobId in parallel, see, but I was able to reproduce the error nevertheless, both in 18.2 and 19.2. So this is not related to the upgrade. However, the error does not impact the consistency of the bvfs cache data, please consider this like a warning for the time being. It needs to be fixed in the future.

The other problem "Restore dialog in WebUI shows all jobs for clients, but files list is empty for all of them :(" is related to the upgrade. It's fixed with also in 19.2.6, please update.


2020-02-12 08:38

developer   ~0003795

Could you please check if it work with Bareos 19.2.6?


2020-02-19 23:36

reporter   ~0003843

I can confirm the empty files list is fixed with 19.2.6.
I had the same issue with the 19.2.5 version.



2020-02-20 09:23

developer   ~0003844

Issue is fixed in 19.2.6

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