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0000115bareos-coreGeneralpublic2014-09-05 16:48
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PlatformOpenIndianaOSOpenIndianaOS Versionb151a
Product Version14.2.0 
Summary0000115: Redesign copy Jobs
DescriptionCurrently a copy job makes a complete copy of the file metadata, when the original
job is deleted the first copy job is upgraded to a normal Backup Job. In the
current scheme we have a lot of duplicate meta data in the file table.
Additional InformationWe could also have a single set of metadata that is shared by all the Jobs
also the copy Jobs then we only have to use some reference counting so we
know when the meta data is no longer needed. On an delete of the Job we
can check to see if we are deleting a Job with attached Copy Jobs and move
the metadata records to the new "master" Job. Then when there are no Jobs
left the metadata will be automatically be released.
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related to 0000036 closed Implementation of restore using a set of copies of an original job 




2013-03-22 16:43

administrator   ~0000298

will be done, if time is available....


2014-06-03 11:03

reporter   ~0000893

If this is implemented please make it optional.

Or have it check if the Metadata would be written to the same catalog as the original backup job, and still apply it if this is not the case.

I exploit this feature during sd-to-(offsite)sd copy to also copy the metadata to an offsite catalog.

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