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0001090bareos-core[All Projects] directorpublic2019-07-09 11:40
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Summary0001090: Consolidation does not include empty incrementals for Always Incremental Backup Scheme
DescriptionWhen using the Always Incremental Backup Scheme for a folder that never (in reality: only very rarely) changes, empty incremental backup jobs are produced and they are never consolidated with the last Full backup. This causes two problems:
1) The empty Incremental Backup Jobs are never pruned, when you rely on volume retention and don't specify a job retention period.
2) The last full backup does not change and (at some point) will be pruned, because it exceeds the volume retention period. At this point a complete Full Backup is necessary and the advantages of the Always Incremental Backup Scheme are lost.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new Always Incremental Backup Job on a folder that does not change and setup a corresponding Consolidate job. Only set up the Volume Retention period and Auto Prune in the pool resource, but don't use Auto Prune in the client resource. After a while the problems above will show up.
Additional InformationThis behavior seems to be a fix to issue 0000793, but it is rather counter-intuitive to the idea of Always Incremental.

Temporary fixes I can think of:
1) Set the Job Retention period of the AI-Incremental pool to match the Volume Retention period and prune regularly.
2) Set the Volume Retention period for AI-Consolidated pool to a extremely high value or disable Auto Prune for this pool, because normally no job in this pool should be pruned.
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2019-07-09 11:40

developer   ~0003423

Could you please try to reproduce the issue with the latest nightly-build:

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