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0001063bareos-core[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-07-12 10:57
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Product Version18.2.5 
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Summary0001063: Add option to set priority to schedule Resource
DescriptionCurrently it is still not possible to schedule a weeky and monthly based Pool Backup on fridays, because it happens that 2 Jobs overlap each other having a schedule like this
(Some month have 5 fridays others only 4 fridays)

Schedule {
  Name = "Default"
  Run = pool=Daily mon-thu at 22:30
  Run = pool=Weekly 1st-4th fri at 22:30
  Run = pool=Monthly last fri at 22:30

To solve this isssue it would be great to have priority keyword added to the scheduler similar like in the job resource. With this option it is possible to define which job should take precedence if more then one job match the scheduler criteria.

For example like this,
run Weekly but have Monthy take precedence if both would match

Schedule {
  Name = "Default"
  Run = pool=Daily mon-thu at 22:30
  Run = pool=Weekly 1st-4th fri at 22:30 priority = 20
  Run = pool=Monthly last fri at 22:30 priority = 10
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2019-07-12 10:57

developer   ~0003450

you can work around this by scheduling monthly five minutes early and disallowing duplicate jobs.
While I think you're right that we need something like "every friday, but the last", I would assume that priority in this context would override the job's priority (like pool and level do) and not declare the priority of this schedule entry.

Can you update your proposal so we don't have this kind of ambiguity?

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