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0001032bareos-core[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-07-15 10:09
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version9
Product Version17.2.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001032: End>Time is always 01-Jan-1970 01:00:00
I'am on a fresh install from debian and I get a summary like this on every Job.
See the lines "End time", "FD Files Written" and "FD Bytes Written".

2018-12-20 16:54:08 bareos-dir JobId 4: Bareos bareos-dir 17.2.4 (21Sep17):
  Build OS: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu debian Debian GNU/Linux 9.3 (stretch)
  JobId: 4
  Job: backup-backup001-fd.2018-12-20_16.51.43_17
  Backup Level: Full (upgraded from Incremental)
  Client: "backup001-fd" 17.2.4 (21Sep17) x86_64-pc-linux-gnu,debian,Debian GNU/Linux 9.3 (stretch),Debian_9.0,x86_64
  FileSet: "VollBackup-Set" 2018-12-20 16:51:43
  Pool: "Full" (From Job FullPool override)
  Catalog: "MyCatalog" (From Client resource)
  Storage: "File" (From Job resource)
  Scheduled time: 20-Dec-2018 16:51:43
  Start time: 20-Dec-2018 16:51:45
  End time: 01-Jan-1970 01:00:00
  Elapsed time: -49 years -715827882 months -20 days -15 hours -5
  Priority: 10
  FD Files Written: 0
  SD Files Written: 73,100
  FD Bytes Written: 0 (0 B)
  SD Bytes Written: 1,536,694,542 (1.536 GB)
  Rate: 0.0 KB/s
  Software Compression: None
  VSS: no
  Encryption: no
  Accurate: no
  Volume name(s): Full-0001
  Volume Session Id: 6
  Volume Session Time: 1545313482
  Last Volume Bytes: 1,540,116,160 (1.540 GB)
  Non-fatal FD errors: 0
  SD Errors: 0
  FD termination status: OK
  SD termination status: OK

The other point, and I think there might be a connection, in the web-ui under restore I don't any files.
with bconsole list files jobid=X I can see the files.
Additional InformationI've already recreate the catalog means drob the db and recerate it.


- all cients are debian 9 in an LAN (no encryption)
- I changed the language on the director and son clients from de_DE.UTF-8 to en_US.UTF-8 for testing no success
- database is on a mariadb(10.1.37)-galera-cluster behind a maxscale (2.2.17) with read-write-split
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2019-07-15 10:09

developer   ~0003466

Please try to reproduce the issue with the latest build from

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