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mvwieringen adm mvwieringen adm bareos-12.4 2013-05-05 09:27 bareos-12.4 0b3d0e94 Pending
Changeset Fix problems due to replaying history to do new fork.
rm - examples/vm/vmbacula.tgz Diff File
add - platforms/win32/bareos.ico Diff File
rm - scripts/bacula.png Diff File
add - src/images/bareos_1.png Diff File
add - src/images/bareos_2.png Diff File
add - src/images/bat.png Diff File
rm - src/qt-console/images/bat.png Diff File
rm - src/qt-console/images/bat_icon.icns Diff File
rm - src/qt-console/images/bat_icon.png Diff File
rm - src/qt-console/images/cartridge1.png Diff File
mod - src/stored/dev.c Diff File
mod - src/stored/device.c Diff File
mod - src/stored/mount.c Diff File
rm - src/win32/full_win32_installer/bacula-logo.bmp Diff File
rm - src/win32/libwin32/bacula.bmp Diff File
rm - src/win32/libwin32/bacula.ico Diff File
rm - src/win32/libwin32/error.ico Diff File
rm - src/win32/libwin32/idle.ico Diff File
rm - src/win32/libwin32/running.ico Diff File
rm - src/win32/libwin32/saving.ico Diff File
rm - src/win32/libwin32/warn.ico Diff File
rm - src/win32/win32_installer/bacula-logo.bmp Diff File
rm - src/win32/win64_installer/bacula-logo.bmp Diff File