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mvwieringen adm mvwieringen adm master 2013-05-04 20:34 master fb2fda7d Pending
Affected Issues  0000013: Allow cancel by JobId on storage daemon.
Changeset Allow cancel by JobId on storage daemon.

Sometimes the Director already removed the Job from its running queue
but the Storage daemon still thinks it doing a backup (or other Job)
and you cannot cancel the Job from within a console anymore. This piece
of code allows you to cancel a Storage Daemon Job by JobId. E.g. do
a status sd on the Storage Daemon make sure what Job you want to cancel
and issue a cancel storage=<Storage Daemon> Jobid=<JobId> This way you
can also remove a Job that blocks any other Jobs from running without
the need to restart the whole Storage Daemon.

Fixes 0000013: Allow cancel by JobId on storage daemon.
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