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Andre Noll Joerg Steffens master 2015-11-26 11:48 master 9fd2426a Pending
Changeset migration: Improve examples.

The text for the migration example is quite confusing:

    * It is stated that Level, Client, and FileSet must be specified,
    but the example omits Client and FileSet. In fact all of them can
    be omitted.

    * The text before the example configuration talks about a
    migration job although the configuration does not contain the
    resource for a migration job.

    * The Selection Pattern ("File") was actively misleading because
    the *Volume names* are matched against the pattern, rather than the
    pool name.

    * Typesetting was inconsistent. Some parts used \bf to highlight
    directives and their values while others did not.

This patch tries to address these issues.
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