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Frank Bergkemper Frank Bergkemper master 2015-10-21 17:53:19 master a3be545c Pending
Changeset Introduction of datatables

This adds support for DataTables in the following modules:

- Client
- Storage
- Volumes
- Pools
- Filesets
- Jobs

Signed-off-by: Frank Bergkemper <>
mod - module/Client/config/module.config.php Diff File
mod - module/Client/src/Client/Controller/ClientController.php Diff File
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mod - module/Dashboard/view/dashboard/dashboard/index.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Fileset/config/module.config.php Diff File
mod - module/Fileset/src/Fileset/Controller/FilesetController.php Diff File
mod - module/Fileset/src/Fileset/Model/FilesetModel.php Diff File
mod - module/Fileset/view/fileset/fileset/details.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Fileset/view/fileset/fileset/index.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Job/config/module.config.php Diff File
mod - module/Job/src/Job/Controller/JobController.php Diff File
add - module/Job/src/Job/Form/JobForm.php Diff File
mod - module/Job/src/Job/Model/JobModel.php Diff File
mod - module/Job/view/job/job/details.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Job/view/job/job/index.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Job/view/job/job/run.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Job/view/job/job/running.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Job/view/job/job/successful.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Job/view/job/job/unsuccessful.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Job/view/job/job/waiting.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Media/config/module.config.php Diff File
mod - module/Media/src/Media/Controller/MediaController.php Diff File
mod - module/Media/view/media/media/index.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Pool/config/module.config.php Diff File
mod - module/Pool/src/Pool/Controller/PoolController.php Diff File
mod - module/Pool/src/Pool/Model/PoolModel.php Diff File
mod - module/Pool/view/pool/pool/details.phtml Diff File
mod - module/Pool/view/pool/pool/index.phtml Diff File
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