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frank frank bareos-16.2 2017-04-04 13:37 bareos-16.2 9705f55d Pending
Changeset Adds a modal for error messages into different places

This displays a bootstrap modal in case of any error happens while retrieving
e.g. volume/media data via the getVolumes() function, 'llist volumes all',
in our media model.

API 2 result errors e.g. could happen in environments with a large number of
volumes/media due to the fact that the director daemon currently has a
limitation to deliver really long result messages.

It displays also a modal with error message if any errors occur while data is
fetched for the media details view, e.g. in case there are too many jobs
to list on a specific volume.

In addition, if any error occurs while fetching volumes of a specific pool,
there is now also a modal with the error message displayed.
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