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joergs mvwieringen master 2016-04-15 19:04 master f0871444 Pending
Affected Issues  0000642: Sometimes the director crashes triggered by ASSERT(jcr->res.wstore->NumConcurrentJobs >= 0) in jobq.c
Changeset dird: Protect jcr->res.wstore->NumConcurrentJobs by a mutex

We now have an inc_write_store() analog to inc_read_store() and
a dec_write_store() analog to dec_read_store() which uses a
central mutex when updating either the read or write storage
concurrency count so things are atomic.

Fixes 0000642: Sometimes the director crashes triggered by
            ASSERT(jcr->res.wstore->NumConcurrentJobs >= 0) in jobq.c
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