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joergs mvwieringen master 2015-06-18 18:53 master fdcab57a Pending
Affected Issues  0000453: Univention packages should contain firewall rules
Changeset univention-bareos: adapted for bareos >= 14.2

The univention-bareos (UCS AppCenter version) has been based on bareos-13.2.
This commit integrated the UCS extensions better into the normal build environment of Bareos.
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mod - debian/ Diff File
mod - debian/control.univention-bareos Diff File
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rm - debian/univention-bareos.config Diff File
mod - debian/univention-bareos.dirs Diff File
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mod - debian/univention-bareos.postrm Diff File
mod - debian/univention-bareos.prerm Diff File
mod - debian/univention-bareos.univention-config-registry Diff File
mod - debian/univention-bareos.univention-config-registry-variables Diff File
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mod - platforms/packaging/bareos-Univention_4.0.dsc Diff File
add - platforms/univention/AppCenter/README_POST_INSTALL Diff File
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rm - platforms/univention/conffiles/etc/bareos/bareos-dir.conf Diff File
rm - platforms/univention/conffiles/etc/bareos/bareos-fd.conf Diff File
rm - platforms/univention/conffiles/etc/bareos/bareos-sd.conf Diff File
rm - platforms/univention/conffiles/etc/bareos/bconsole.conf Diff File
rm - platforms/univention/conffiles/etc/postgresql/8.4/main/pg_hba.conf.d/25-univention-bareos Diff File
add - platforms/univention/ Diff File
mod - platforms/univention/fd-generic.template Diff File
mod - platforms/univention/fd-windows.template Diff File
mod - platforms/univention/job-generic.template Diff File
mod - platforms/univention/job-windows.template Diff File
rm - platforms/univention/postgres_create.sql Diff File
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