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mvwieringen mvwieringen bareos-14.2 2015-04-25 17:47 bareos-14.2 5b4afdd5 Pending
Affected Issues  0000414: Bareos storage daemon crashes during backups
Changeset Overhaul of the vol_mgr.

Remove some new code that seems to give some race conditions.
This essentially restores the volume manager to the way it worked in 13.2.

Additionally we changed the following:
   - Cleanup comments
   - Make free_volume_list() a generic function.
        Instead of some trickery with using some temp vars give
        free_volume_list() two args e.g. a comment what about what its freeing
        and a dlist with the actual volume list it needs to free. Then we can
        reuse this in 3 places to delete any volume list. We also don't
        have to lock the vol_list when freeing the temp_vol_list as it
        now no longer "misuses" the global dlist pointer.

Issues 0000414: Bareos storage daemon crashes during backups
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