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Changeset Enable restore on storage with different name

Before, the restoration of a backup done on a different
storage resource was not possible.

To reproduce make a backup on a autochanger, change the
autochanger name and try to restore the old backup.

JobId 38: Warning: Could not get storage resource 'Autochanger'.
JobId 38: Fatal error: No Volume names found for restore.
JobId 38: Fatal error: dir_cmd.c:2169 Bad response to Read Data command. Wanted 3000 OK data
, got 3000 error
JobId 38: Fatal error: Could not get storage resource 'Autochanger'.

With this change now it works:

JobId 55: Start Restore Job
JobId 55: Using Device "Drive-1" to read.
JobId 55: Warning: Could not get storage resource 'Autochanger'.
JobId 55: Ready to read from volume "E01002L4" on device "Drive-1" (/dev/nst0).
JobId 55: Forward spacing Volume "E01002L4" to file:block 0:1.
JobId 55: End of Volume at file 1 on device "Drive-1" (/dev/nst0), Volume "E01002L4"
JobId 55: End of all volumes.
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