bareos2015: bareos-14.2 73417509

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mvwieringen mvwieringen bareos-14.2 2013-12-09 16:13 bareos-14.2 2242e405 Pending
Changeset Build and package the windows storage daemon.
mod - platforms/win32/fillup.sed Diff File
add - platforms/win32/storagedialog.ini Diff File
add - platforms/win32/tray-monitor-conf-fd-sd.patch Diff File
mod - platforms/win32/winbareos-nsi.spec Diff File
mod - platforms/win32/winbareos.nsi Diff File
mod - platforms/win32/winbareos32.spec Diff File
mod - platforms/win32/winbareos64.spec Diff File
mod - src/filed/status.c Diff File
mod - src/include/version.h Diff File
mod - src/stored/ Diff File
mod - src/stored/dev.c Diff File
mod - src/stored/dev.h Diff File
mod - src/stored/status.c Diff File
mod - src/stored/stored.h Diff File
add - src/stored/unix_device.c Diff File
add - src/stored/unix_device.h Diff File
mod - src/stored/vtape.c Diff File
mod - src/stored/vtape.h Diff File
mod - src/win32/Makefile Diff File
add - src/win32/compat/include/sys/mtio.h Diff File
mod - src/win32/filed/Makefile Diff File
mod - src/win32/filed/ Diff File
mod - src/win32/filed/who.h Diff File
mod - src/win32/plugins/Makefile Diff File
mod - src/win32/plugins/filed/Makefile Diff File
add - src/win32/plugins/stored/Makefile Diff File
add - src/win32/stored/Makefile Diff File
add - src/win32/stored/ Diff File
add - src/win32/stored/who.h Diff File
add - src/win32/stored/win32_file_device.c Diff File
add - src/win32/stored/win32_file_device.h Diff File
add - src/win32/stored/win32_tape_device.c Diff File
add - src/win32/stored/win32_tape_device.h Diff File