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mvwieringen mvwieringen bareos-14.2 2014-07-11 13:09 bareos-14.2 01808dd7 Pending
Changeset Some tweaks to copy/migrate config.

The folllowing changes were made:

- The copy and migration jobs up until now always needed that you specify a
  storage in the Job while most of the time it was never used as the real
  storage used also depends on what the original Job used for storage.

  This patch tries to relax the need for specifying a read storage and
  tries to always use the info of the original pool used by the previous
  Job being copied or migrated or the original storage settings of the Job

  When you start a copy or migration you now don't see the somewhat random
  read storage that can change along the way but only the write storage.
  In essence it should also not matter what read storage is used as long
  its the right read storage.

- We can now have migration and copy jobs without a dummy client setting
  but this means that the %c variable of the Job will not be filled and as
  such you won't see the client name in the completion mail subject. So we
  now copy the client pointer from the actual previous Job that is
  migrated or copied so that we do have the proper client name and also
  the client name of the actual client the migration or copy was done for
  an no longer the dummy name it was before.

- Analog to using the client from the previous Job we also use the fileset
  and job level of the previous Job so that the copy migrate now always looks
  similar to the original Job its copying e.g. no longer a backup level
  incremental when copying/migrating a full level Job.

- Try to be smart about when to use data spooling.
  Only use the Job data spooling setting when not enabled yet. e.g. when the
  JCR already has data spooling enabled we don't want to disable it because
  the Job has no explicit setting.

- Restored printing of the client/fileset/level in the copy/migrate overview
  something we removed in a previous patch when we removed the explicit need
  for specifying these settings. Now that we set the correct information in
  the copy/migrate setup we can again print this data and now also show the
  correct info if you configure your copy/migrate jobs using the new config
  syntax e.g. without setting a dummy client and fileset.
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