bareos2015: bareos-14.2 9cd712e5

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mvwieringen mvwieringen bareos-14.2 2014-10-05 21:38 bareos-14.2 c55fb5e5 Pending
Affected Issues  0000347: show all gives errors.
Changeset Implement missing option printing.

Some fileset options are added over time but the config printing code
doesn't know how to print these. This patch adds all missing fileset
options and adds printing of options now using Camel case.

Also added some code for a FIXME that has been there for ages for
Verify, Accurate and Base options checking.

Fixes 0000347: show all gives errors.
mod - src/dird/dird_conf.c Diff File
mod - src/dird/inc_conf.c Diff File
mod - src/dird/inc_conf.h Diff File